Saturday, March 27, 2010

...hysterical, depressed n wondering...

i was hysterical, depressed, i'm crying all da time bcoz i love him so much... i wish it never happened n i still wonder what the future will be rite now... i know i love him..my life without him is empty but my wound is so so deep..can the trust be ever re-built..

i dnt want to live like this...always wondering..maybe he turned to sumone else bcoz i wasn't doing enough in our relationship..i want to fight for what i deserve..i love him but apart of me just doesn't trust him anymore..

i feel that he is still having affair with 'her'..it's just feeling within me..i do not know how far its true..cause he cares for 'her' a lot than me..i'm hurting so bad n he doesn't even cares...how can i know whether my suspicious is true or i'm acting silly..

he has caused great pain in my life n with all his lies n humiliation, he has caused me to become so emotionally drained..i also told him what goes around comes around...sooner or later u get cought at your own games but the bad thing is he hurt the one that truly loved him..n wanted to grow old n take care of him..but he will hv to grow old n alone by himself..unless he find another fool gurl but hopefully she will be much smarter than i..

i believe that everyone can change..but even if he does i will probably never trust him...n i really can't hv a relationship without trust..i hv terrible asthma n it nearly threw me into an asthma attack..i love him but i hv been through so much..n i dn't feel like i deserve to be treated like this...


  1. terimalah suami awk seadanya krn spt dirinya yg awk rasa ada kelemahan dan kekurangan, begitulah juga awk. spt yg slalu sy tegaskan suami dan isteri adlh sling melengkapi dan menyempurnakan. lihatlah dan carilah kelebihan dan keistimewaannya. cuba smpurnakan kekurangannya.setiap manusia sama saja. msg2 ada kelebihan dan kekurangan. tnmkan dlm hati cinta suami awk adlh cinta sejati. awk pasti memiliki kebahagiaan yg awk cari, insyaAllah.

  2. thx fiqri..yup..sy masih syg suami sy..doakan sy bahagia bersama nya dunia akhirat..insyaAllah..