Friday, March 26, 2010

...guess what???..it happened again!!...

"bang, tolong tpup kan no nie...01*-328*19*...nnt wa bayar.."

before dis i told him that it wasn't cool n never to do it again..i don't want anything related with 'her'..he swore on God n said he was sorry..n it would never happen again..guess what??..it happened again!!..

i would always find out by checking his phone, not on da recent call list..but on da history of calls..i would also check all his deleted messages..he always denied that sumthing was going on..before dis, he told me that he juz needed sumbody to talk to..huh!!..i'm here..why u dont want to talk to me freely..

da one thing i learned from this relationship is to always trust your instincts..even when u dont have complete truth..n i always believe that no matter how much a person tries to hide da truth, da truth will come out..n u dnt hv to live your life in a lie..u hv choices n are entitled to a relationship where trust is a cornerstone...

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