Tuesday, February 2, 2010


4giveness is miraculous act..2 be truly free, 2 be unencumbered by da past..is dats very difficult n oftentimes near impossible 4 me 2 go there..how can I 4give really bad behavior??..how can I 4give sumeone who has wrong or betrayed me??..huurrmm..I continue 2 be upset by da fact dats my love had an affair..it continues 2 bring up feelings of betrayal n rejection..n wif those feelings comes da xtra-add charge of unworthiness n being unlovable..how I'm suppose 2 muve into a new life wif self-esteem, confidence n sense of empowerment I am dragging dat weight around??..
by forgiving sumeone else..I also forgive myself...I huv da freedom n power 2 create my best life possible...


  1. cry when u need to. let da feelings come up n learn to accept them. work on urself. u huv a gud life ahead of u to life. i wish each n every one of u happiness in da future. u r entitled to it. so, claim it.

  2. thks so much mr fouz...when I realize I'm responsible for my own life n happiness, I'm ready to begin a new life...