Monday, March 12, 2012


i'm writing today just to share about my routine..
before this, in the mornings I work strictly on my work at school..
teaching and marking paper, etc...
I have assigned 8 hours to it and do not allow myself to think or do anything else.
Then is errand time, dinner and personal time just for me..
For this I have assigned 3 hours...
By 7pm i'm all showered and relaxed...
ate dinner and nothing pending except dedicate 2 hours to my housemate..
watch t.v. whatever....
I do make sure i am in bed to sleep by 11 to get a good 7 hours sleep and start the process in the morning again.
Now is school holiday... But I’m still busy...I have a lot of thing to do..assignment..proposal for project paper..article review..
my housemate should understand if I’m a bit stressed out..hopefully he’ll be understand…the point is..i want to tell my housemate that your assignment, pls do your own…

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